[melpomene] [ulalume: poe, red, dian, astarte] communication + pain

Neither of these make much sense out of context and there basically isn't any context for them unless you want to listen to me summarize, since I only seem to work on this in order to add 209342039823 more characters or fine tune the public transportation system or maybe pontificate on the world's socioeconomic norms. Anyway.

In short, it's this scifi pseudo-epic thing involving psionics, politics, and... penises, probably.

Title: After the Fact
Universe: ulalume
Characters: Poe, Red, Saaratha
Rating: PG? Not even?
Summary: Pulling it back together after everything hits the fan.
Notes: Red is basically talking about 'permanent' bonding that he's recently discovered... actually isn't. He was raised differently.

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Title: Across the Desert
Universe: ulalume
Characters: Astarte, Dian, Saaratha, Vionne, peons
Rating: PG-13, maybe? Pseudo-violence.
Summary: Astarte visits Dian; Saaratha takes umbrage.
Notes: I'm sorry that I don't explain any of these terms. XD

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I feel kind of lame, but there you go!

Open comment thread

Sorry I'm late, my holiday travel plans turned south in a hurry (and so did my luggage, I hear). I expect most people will be pretty busy this weekend, so:

There is no exercise for this weekend - just an open comment thread where participants are free to chatter about their stories, the community and their other projects.

Happy holidays, all. We will return with our regularly scheduled writing exercises next Friday.

Character one-liners

Welcome to oc_speedfic for today's Saturday (-_-) writing exercise.

I'm not sure how well today's theme will work with OC stories (as opposed to fanfics where participants share common knowledge), but it's a popular idea, so let's try it out.

Post a description of several of your characters, just like in the Character Q&A exercise. Then, comment on other participants' character descriptions with a request for a one-liner - choose one or more of the listed characters and a prompt. One-liners are just that - (ideally) one line responses to a prompt using the selected character(s). There is no strict length limit, but generally they are one sentence or one shortish paragraph.

For those who have participated in past Q&As: I encourage you to elaborate on previous character descriptions, or add more characters to your list.

It would also be wise to add a very short description of the setting of your story, so people will know what sorts of prompts are setting-appropriate.

Detailed character descriptions

Welcome to a rare Friday writing exercise. It is rare primarily in that it is actually posted on Friday.

Write out a quite detailed character description for one of your characters. For this to really qualify as an exercise, you should be doing it for a character you haven't already cemented a detailed description for. If this means you have to write a full character sheet for a trivial character, then that might be beneficial to your story anyway. Minor characters need love and affection too!

The format of your character description is largely up to you. Write what you think is important. Friendly character Q&A is encouraged as usual.

Note: Feel free to make suggestions for topics for our Friday writing exercise. It should either be something that improves the story you're working on, something that makes you a better writer or something that helps introduce your story to other community members. Ideally, it should be all three at once.

Bestseller list-style summaries

Here's this weekend's Friday writing exercise. I understand it is still "Friday" in certain distant islands of the Pacific. Note that last Friday's exercise will still be open for a while, so people can add characters for Q&A that they write about for the current prompt.

It's easy to get caught up in the details of the world and characters and neglect to look at the big picture. This time I'd like to do a more orthodox writing exercise to review the basics.

Write a few one-line summaries of some plots you might like to write about, modeled after the book summaries in the New York Times Bestseller List. What you would "like to write about" doesn't necessarily have to be something you want to do with your current characters or world. Feel free to write "summaries" of either plots you're working on already or plots you haven't explored at all; either way it will be good practice and focus your attention on core themes.

Since you're writing about plots instead of an entire book, you can write as many of these as you want for different plots, large and small. Some of them can fit in with each other (most books or even series of stories have multiple subplots) or they can all be separate - just keep each of them short individually. Friendly comments on other peoples' summaries is encouraged.

No summary you post here is a commitment to actually write a story to match it. Feel free to imagine NYT Bestseller summaries for the most ambitious books you'll never write.

Story Introduction and Q&A

As previously noted, every Friday we will post a small exercise or challenge to help writers get to know each other and flesh out their worlds and characters. In the spirit of oc_speedfic's overhaul, we will go back to the basics this weekend, and repeat our popular character Q&A.

Post a brief description of a few of your main characters as a comment. Then ask questions of other community members' characters, and answer questions asked of yours (in-character, if appropriate).

If the characters you choose to post have already appeared in a fic for this community (or other accessible work), it would be appropriate to link to it here. If they are all-new characters, then star them in this week's fic (topics will be posted Monday) and link back here at that time. This exercise will be kept active all week.

[MOD] OC_Speedfic Revival!

Welcome again to oc_speedfic. We, your friendly neighborhood spider-mods, are rethinking the community to increase participation and motivation.

Briefly, here are the changes:

-For our weekly fic challenge, we will now have three prompts posted every Monday. Feel free to choose one or more of the three as you like.

-The three prompts will be chosen using a new system: Every Monday, three people will be randomly selected out of the people who posted a fic for the previous week. Each of them will have the opportunity to choose one prompt for the following week. This is a small reward for people who finish their weekly fics.

-We also have further prizes for participation! Writers who finish four fics in a row will be honored on our info page, and receive a small banner courtesy of our lovely mod mei_yanohi. Further banners will be awarded for streaks of completed fics in multiples of four. The source image for the banners can be anything, including art from the following monthly prize:

-On the last week of every month, there will be a drawing among all of the authors who wrote fics for every week that month. The winner will be awarded a sketch of one of his or her own characters (chosen by the winner), also provided by our talented mod mei_yanohi! Any other artists who wish to volunteer to draw prizes for the other authors are welcome to participate. The finished sketch will be posted to the community publicly or emailed to the winner as desired.

-Every Friday, a mod (currently myself) will post a character-, world- or plot-developing exercise for the weekend. Previously our occasional exercises such as character Q&A sessions were very popular, so we hope writers will participate in these and get to know their fellow community members.

Thank you for your patience while we improve the community. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please let us hear them in the comments to this post.