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OC Speedfic

A Weekly Original Character Writing Challenge

Original Character Speedfic
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[ A B O U T ]
Wecome to oc_speedfic, a community dedicated to creating an environment intended to encourage the development of original characters, settings, stories, and of course, writing. Here members are provided with weekly prompts that will hopefully inspire creative action, as well as given opportunities to talk about their original characters and settings.
[ W E E K L Y ]
The set up of the community is very simple, and members can participate in numerous ways. There is, of course, the weekly prompts, a set of three words that members can use to write short little pieces with their original characters. Participants can choose to use one prompt, or write multiple pieces using two or even all three! Once a piece is finished, members are welcome to post their work here (as an actual post, or a link back to a writing journal). Should they wish, they are also free to lock the entry so that only other members of the community can see it.

The posting format for these prompt-driven shorts is as follows:

Subject Line: [your username][universe, characters] Title
Word Count:

We would prefer members to use this format for the subject line in order to facilitate easier archiving of the memories. All story posts should be lj-cut.

And you might wonder where the prompts come from? They are suggested by our members! It's set up like this: at the end of the week, three people are chosen at random from the people that contributed the prior week. These three people are asked, in that Monday's prompt post, to respond with a prompt. These prompts will not be used in the current week. When the Monday prompt post goes up, there will always be three prompts listed along with the three people chosen. These people will have all week to reply to the post with their prompt, and those prompts will be used the following week. So it will look something like this:

Week 2: Prompts from members A, B, and C are put up. Members D, E, and F are chosen to pick prompts for next week. They respond to the post.
Week 3: Prompts from members D, E, and F are put up. Members G, H, and I are chosen to pick prompts for next week. They respond to the post.

And so on.
[ F R I D A Y S ]
Beyond the weekly challenges, every Friday there will be a post made by one of the moderators (marginoferror). This post is an activity post, meant to encourage interaction between members. This activity post will vary from week to week. Some of the activities include:

  • Character Q&A: Members reply to the post with a list of some, or all, of their characters as well as a brief description. People can then reply to that comment with questions for specific characters and the member, in character, replies! This can be a fun way to strengthen voice as well as have people learn about your characters.
  • One-liners: Similar to the one-liner meme that makes the rounds through most peoples flist. Members reply to this post, again with a list of their characters and a brief introduction if they wish. Others reply to the comment with a request for a one liner. Generally requests include a character, or groups of characters, and a prompt. Think of this like a speedier and shorter version of the community as a whole!
  • World Building: This activity focuses less on the characters and more on the setting itself. Let's face it, that's just as, if not more, important! For these activities, a general question will be presented to the community as a whole, typically asking about specific aspects of someone's world. These questions will vary, so that members will end up talking about the climate, histories, cultures, religions, and much more, that they've created.
  • Setting Q&A: This will run similarly to character Q&A, only without the in-character aspect. For these posts, a brief summary about the setting and world will be given, and from there people can ask questions of the member!
  • Polls: The format is similar to the World Building exercise, except that rather than broad questions about aspects of your world that can, let's face it, be quite involved, poll questions are instead questions asked that can be completely random, directed at either the setting as a whole, or characters as a whole. For instance, a poll question might be something like, "Do people on your world celebrate birthdays?" Or "How do your characters celebrate their birthdays?" These questions, rather than being thought up solely by the moderators, are instead contributed to the community by the members!
[ R E W A R D S ]
We want to encourage our members to actively participate in the community: this is why we've developed a little system of reward for members who post their prompt-based shorts every week! For every four consecutive weeks that a member posts to that week's prompts, they will receive a graphic! This graphic will be a small banner that you can put in your userinfo. They look a little something like this:

They are made by our lovely mei_yanohi/mei_play (alternate wrytersblock/tsukishine), and can feature any picture you wish: a PB of your original character, art, stock images, etc. Once you are eligible to receive the banner, arrangements will be made for Mei to get the image you would like used, and once she's done you will receive the banner! Additionally, these banners will be placed in the userinfo, as an honor to the participant's dedication to writing!

At the end of every month, there will be a drawing among all of the authors that wrote a piece each week in response to the prompts. The winner of this drawing will be awarded a sketch of one of their own characters, to be done also by mei_yanohi/mei_play. The finished result will be posted to the community or e-mailed to the member, per their request.

Of course, we welcome any members that might like to help with this! If you are willing to draw sketches of other's original characters, please contact us and let us know!
[ M O D S ]
Andrew: marginoferror
Mei: mei_yanohi/mei_play
Shini: keikain
Tsuki: wrytersblock/tsukishine

We're here to answer any questions you might have! Feel free to contact us at this post.